Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ASID Hawaii, 2011-2012, my year as President

Wow, the last awards for best designs in our contest just went out from the post office.  The last award booklets went back to the designers.  And if I can get my purse cleaned out I can submit my last expense vouchers for reimbursement.

It is a little bit sad to finish these final details and know that I'm done as President but it will be great to focus on my business and clients full time.  Being President was very rewarding both as a designer and as a person.  The whole design community state wide is vibrant and just full of wonderful people that I never would have gotten a chance to meet otherwise.

And I have a new appreciation for Oahu having to travel there for the meetings and events.  A beautiful city with many exotic buildings and locations.  Restaurants that only the locals know about that serve terrific ethnic dishes.

Yes, the year was hectic but I carry the special memories and moments with me for a lifetime.  Thank you to the Hawaii Design community.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Island Style Design

We identified seven different Island Style Designs and use them in our interior design projects. First and favorite is "Casual Elegance". The is clean and contemporary, never kitch, with elegant and luscious fabrics. There is so much blue and green with the ocean and sky horizon line and green landscaping in the foreground. We love to balance all that blue and green with warm Tuscan colors: umber--a warm brown; ochre--natural amber earth tones; and Titian Red--red brick or rich clay color (Maui red dirt!). Photos illustrate the design style.

Come back frequently and look for the next island style design: Kama'aina Island Style. Visit us online at http://www.idsmaui.com/

With aloha,

Valorie Spence,

Member of A.S.I.D. and N.K.B.A.